What does "You own your own photos" mean?

I give you a written release of copyright, a DVD of high-res wedding pictures and a beautiful coffee-table album. You can do anything you want with your photographs. You own them. Other photographers retain the rights to all pictures they take. They don't allow you to make prints, post photographs on the web or even email images to your friends. I don't do that.

Do you take posed family pictures?

Yes. I'll take all the posed pictures you want. That's an important part of the day.

At my sister's wedding, the photographer was a pain. Are you a pain?

No. I'm unobtrusive, and I won't boss anyone around. It's your day, not mine.

"My (uncle, cousin, friend) wants to photograph my wedding. Why should I hire you?"

Here's what one bride told me: "I have spoken at length with my fiance and we have decided this event is too important - there are no 'do overs.'"

What kind of equipment do You use?

I use the newest, best Nikon digital cameras. The image quality is awesome.

Do you have any rules or restrictions?

No. It's your wedding, not mine. Some photographers prohibit guests from taking pictures after the ceremony, or they prohibit disposable cameras on the tables at the reception. That’s ridiculous.