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Similar snags catch everyone. Here are some suggestions that should help:

The bride and groom should have no responsibilities on the day of their wedding.

Consider hiring a coordinator to help on the day of your wedding, or at least appointing an efficient friend or relative (not a parent or member of the wedding party). That person should never say, "I'll ask the bride."

The biggest problem I see is that no matter how organized you think you are, there are always things that are overlooked. Give everyone in the wedding party a job: Clean out the bridal room. Be sure everything gets loaded into the car. Hold the bride’s train. Round up family members for the posed pictures.

Before your wedding day, be sure to tell parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents and other immediate family where and when group photographs will be taken. Have your helper remind them on the wedding day. You’ll get to your reception sooner if everyone is in the right place at the right time.

Assign someone to pin on boutonnieres and corsages. Flowers go on the left.

Be sure your maid of honor knows how to bustle your dress. Don’t leave this for the last minute.

Hire the best DJ you can find. The success of your reception depends on this.

"You are a brilliant photographer and a joy to work with."
~ Laura

"Thank you for being so wonderful all day yesterday. You were so patient and kind, and we never felt like we were being pushed around because you have this lovely, laid-back manner about you that put everyone right at ease. You captured the night's special little moments without intruding on them."
~ Meghan

"The album looks soooo wonderful! You did such an excellent job! You really did capture the day."
~ Megan and Manny

"All I can say is WOW! Looking through our album was like getting to relive the day all over again – only seeing all the things that we missed the first time around."
~ Erin

"We hardly knew you were there, which I think is a mark of a great photographer."
~ Rebecca

"I would recommend you to anyone! "
~ Jessica

"My husband & I have done many weddings over the years but we have never worked with such a wonderful photographer. You are so smooth and easy. Thanks!"
~ Pastor Jacque